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Astral- techno metal was created by Vlada Astral, key-board and Charlie Rock- guitar in 1998. The idea was about trying to connect power of metal with spirit of electronica, generating new style that will unite progressive thinkers in one frame of mind: techno-metal - more than you can put in a words. Working on our live performance, we played few shows and decided to start recording. Picking up "Master sound"- best equipped studio in a town, we start working with out realizing that it also most expensive studio. Paying 90$/h, every session cost us about 300-400 $, and after recording 14 key-board tracks, we run out of budget, before we even start to record guitars. Under high pressure we manage to record some guitar parts and moved on to mixing and mastering process. bullet.gif First Astral album "Phenomena" was released in 1999 and has 10 techno-trance and 2 techno-metal oriented tracks. Soon after we had recording, production and distribution contract offer, that was suppose to take care of all our needs, but at that point we decide not to get involved with serious  obligations. We decide to build our own recording system, be creative as much as we could with out time or finance limitations. Jay Rick, jazz school trained professional joined us on guitar, adding new sensation to the music. He recorded 4 songs with us, and one of them- Vortex, became our best download on MP3.com. Charlie recorded "Chemical sisters", "Space traveler" and "Radiation method"-our best hits at that time. bullet.gif Astral "Radiation method" album was released in 2000 with 13 electronic metal tracks and was nominated by Just Plain Folks as best album of the year. Using everything we made of CD sell and working day jobs, we continued to expend our recording abilities, key-board and guitar sound, trying to keep up with a progress and soon after we start working on a next album. By the end of 2001, Charlie and Vlada record new version of Vortex and 8 more new songs, including Logic, Fear, Deep in Trance and Agony and decide to take some time   off, using it to tacking care of "Scarz within"- progressive metal group, Charlie was working with. In December 2001 Rich Real joined the band on a guitar, and we continued. Having Rich was very beneficial fore us- being able to keep it heavy, Rich add new feeling and personality to the music. One of his best work was song "Misstake" and "Kill the switch", recorded with "Real by design" participation. bullet.gif Astral "Antivirus" was released in spring 2002 with 12 electronic-metal tracks. About the same time "Scarz within" released first CD, named "Nothing Sacred". In August 2002 Ritchie Hutson joined band, with Roland V-concert electronic drum set, starting working on a new album. In August,  2003 James Malone was seduced in to the altered reality of Astral.  His virtuoso guitar skills and bleeding throat (vocals) were greatly desired.  The new album is expected for a summer 2004 release.
As of 2003, Astral start working on recording new album:
Vlada Astral- Key-boards

Charlie Rock- guitars

James Malone- guitars, vocal

Ritchie Hutson- drums/percussions